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Amusant (French word for amusing) was created by 4 friends with a collective 50-years in the wine industry. We have been lap directors, celler foremen, enologists, assistant winemakers, winemakers, wine buyers and sales & marketing vp's for other people, and we are now working for ourselves. Our goal is to offer some of Napa Valley 's finest varietals at a reasonable price. We wish to laugh more often, be humorous, celebrate the ordinary and amuse others and ourselves while simply enjoying life. If a glass of Amusant Chardonnay or Amusant Cabernet Sauvignon helps spread this refreshing message then we have accomplished what we have set out to do: raise spirits and have damn good glass of wine!


87 points 2000 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, A steakhouse red, this is fully oaked, offering brown spices and overtones of green olives in its blunt, jammy fruit. Decant it for Sir-loin.


Our goal is simple, sell Amusant wine to consumers who like and appreciate a damn good bottle of Napa Valley wine at a reasonable price. Offer unique and cutting edge packaging, which represent the perfect blend of tradition and technology while offering the consumer more functionality. In May 2003 our second release of Amusant will be the only boutique brand in the world to place the revolutionary MetaCork TM wine opener on our entire production. Each bottle displays neck hanger and a tamper proof sticker describing how to open the bottle. Amusant wants to educate and allow consumers to feel less intimidated about opening a fine bottle of wine. We feel strongly about using MetaCork TM with the Amusant brand, cork taint-TCA isn't a consumer issue. The consumer issue is all about opening a bottle of wine gracefully, having the ability to reseal a bottle to keep it fresh until the next use and achieving total consumer satisfaction for the Amysant brand. All of our research and industry research proves consumers demand cork in their wines, plus TCA can still be found in the wines with a screw-cap and a synthetic cork.

No on-premise of off-premise percentage goals. All we ask is that you place the wines in reputable accounts where they will be appreciated and sold. An established annulal allocation will be agreed upon at the beginning of each new release. This annual allocation is expected to be sold through within an 11-12 month period of time.

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