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Bogle Vineyards takes prides in the design of its packaging. Bogle feels that this unique label and glass accurately portray the winery to customers and depict the Bogle story of family, tradition, and heritage.

The Bogle family is fundamentally a grape growing family. They have been farming California vineyards for over thirty years. To communicate this rich grape-growing heritage, it seemed a perfect fit to showcase a soft and subtle pencil drawing of a grapevine as the background of the label. Another important aspect of this design was the decision to use extensive handwritten script for the text. The text itself explains the commitment of the winery to a "hands on" approach to making wines. The family's dedication to quality is also apparent through this genuine and heart-felt quotation. This boutique approach is important to the family's story and is center point for the success of winery. As always, the pheasant is still a focal point of the label and is best represented in gold. The Delta has long been a habitat for the ringneck pheasant, which was used on Bogle Winery's first label in 1978 and over the years, has evolved into an important icon for Bogle wines.

To complete this package, Bogle has selected and innovative glass design, rarely seen in the wine industry. Every bottle shape is modeled after glass used in Europe centuries ago, and only now are these unique designs being resurrected for today's consumers. These shapes are exquisitely formed with long tapered shoulders and sleek lines. Cleary, the creatively shaped lavel and the distinctive glass complement each other to produce a package of grace and elegance that will be a timeless symbol of Bogle in the years to come.